Essays and Opinions

Explore the insightful world of Rafik Smati through “Essays and Opinions,” a collection of thought-provoking tribunes reflecting his visionary perspective on technology, society, and the future. Dive into discussions that challenge conventional thinking and offer innovative solutions for the modern era.

Essays and Opinions

For an Optimism Revolution

Embrace a brighter future with “For an Optimism Revolution,” a compelling call to action published in Les Echos. This piece challenges the prevailing narrative of decline, urging us to recognize France’s strengths—from cutting-edge technology to a robust energy model—and to harness our collective potential for a prosperous future. Join the movement towards a hopeful, forward-thinking France and Europe.

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Essays and Opinions

AI: Don’t Be Afraid!

Embrace the future without fear in “AI: Don’t Be Afraid!”, a compelling piece first seen in Les Echos. Discover why the rapid rise of ChatGPT and generative AI heralds a transformative era of opportunity, not peril, debunking myths about job loss and societal disruption, and urging Europe and the world to innovate, educate, and unite for a prosperous, tech-empowered future.

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Essays and Opinions

AI, Year Zero

Dive into the era of generative AI with “AI, Year Zero”, a visionary exploration of how advanced algorithms like Chat GPT are reshaping our world. From crafting poetic verses to revolutionizing industries, discover the dawn of a new digital renaissance and the future it heralds.

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