2024, Year One of the New Era

Will 2024 be a year of risks or hope? The tragic news around us reminds us of the many reasons we have to worry. France and Europe face historical and perilous challenges: geopolitical crises reshaping global alliances, social tensions demanding deeper justice, crippling debt jeopardizing future generations, and climate emergencies requiring immediate action. Daily news underscores the fragility of our societies and the immense work needed to build a better future.

Among these challenges shaping our daily lives and future, one captures my attention and has been the focus of my reflections for months: artificial intelligence. It’s not so much the technology itself but the profound transformative potential it represents. AI is more than a series of algorithms; it’s a driving force capable of reshaping our relationship with the world.

The challenges ahead are civilizational. Will we see a productivity leap leading to prosperity for all, or will we face an unprecedented wave of unemployment? Will we witness an advancement in knowledge or a widespread dumbing down? Will we experience a democratic awakening or widespread subjugation? These questions should be headline news. This is what I aimed to theorize in my book “The New Era,” published in November.

In this year 2024, as a nation and continent, we have a duty to fully grasp the transformative potential at our fingertips. We have the rare opportunity to make the technological revolution a new lever for excellence and greatness, not only for our beloved country but also for our venerable continent. It’s a path towards a new Renaissance, a surge of boldness and innovation. Failing in this mission would condemn us to irreversible decline, relegation to the memories of a bygone era.

As we confront the enormity of these challenges, I urge us to gaze into the future with hope and resolve. Let 2024 be the year we establish the groundwork for a bold and visionary world, a world that leverages the finest of technological advancements to forge a prosperous and harmonious future for all. Those who receive the print version of my New Year’s card will find within it the essence of this contemplation, a testament to our shared dedication to shaping a radiant era. It is in unity that we step into this New Era, transcending borders and embracing our collective destiny.

Wishing you a happy and prosperous New Year.

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